Kite Trick Progression

Here is a schematic displaying the relations between kite tricks. There are displayed by group of difficulty as defined by the Tricks Party USA 2006 document. The definitions of the trick, shown in the tooltips, are taken from that document too.

Move the mouse cursor over each box to get a description of the trick. Each box with a dot is a link to a video of the trick on website.

Highlight a trick:

Kite Trick Progression Turtle Pancake Axel Coin Toss Twist Insane Fade Rolling Susan Axel Cascade Pinwheel 2-point Landing Stall 360° Rolling-up Refueling Double axel 540° Lazy Susan Flapjack Flic-Flac Kombo Yo-Yo Backspin Slot Machine Dead Launch Insane (R-L) K2000 Multilazy Comète Jacob's Ladder Lewis Torpille Rolling Cascade Wap-Doo-Wap Yo-Yo Takeoff Taz Machine Backspin Cascade Crazy Copter Yo-Yo Multilazy Cynique Ladole Multislot Yo-Fade Spike Slide Half Axel Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 based on the work at © (CC) BY-NC

source SVG